About Project Uncharted

"I've always believed that our lives should consist of more than just what we do from nine to five," says Jeff Wolfe, Executive Producer for Project Uncharted.

Jeff came up with the idea for Project Uncharted four years ago, while he was operating FlexMarketing Solutions, a marketing consulting firm he created in 2010.  "During that time, I simply wasn't able to put much effort into the idea because like many small business owners, I was in the "eat what you kill" mentality and I didn't have time to do it," explains Wolfe.

Project Uncharted Executive Producer, Jeff WolfeThe mission of Project Uncharted, a FlexMarketing Solutions project, is to share stories of perseverance designed to inspire others to achieve.

"Too many people give up way too soon," says Wolfe.  He goes on to say, "When we hear stories of people who have battled adversity by falling down three times, and getting up four times, it means something to us because we see it as being too rare.  The truth is that there are people all around us who have done it, but we don't know anything about them, or their powerful stories.  Just imagine how many other people might draw inspiration from these stories."

Project Uncharted recently announced its in the process of reaching out to the public to seek several stories to share.  "We've put out a call to the public to provide us with story concepts.  It's going to take a little bit of time to get through each concept, because we plan to speak with each person who submits an idea," says Wolfe.

Each story will be shared on a website (projectuncharted.com), through video, written story, and photography.  The videos will last approximately two or three minutes, and will be syndicated through each of the Project Uncharted social media platforms, drawing them back to the website.

"Once we're able to demonstrate a powerful following, my plan is to reach out to corporations who might be interested in advertising on the site by adding their own fifteen second advertising spot to the beginning of the videos we'll produce, and to attach themselves to a certain story.  I've already received a commitment to beta test the concept with some companies, as well as one of the area technical colleges," explains Wolfe.

As advertising revenue comes in, we'll build a larger team of people to handle all of the logistical aspects of putting stories like these together.  "More advertising revenue will mean more stories.  My goal is share at least two stories each month, once we get into full swing," says Wolfe.

"Due to logistical issues, we'll probably place our initial focus in the Atlanta area.  It only makes sense to me, since Atlanta is the known as Atlantic Station vantage point view of downtown Atlanta.the City of the Rising Phoenix," says Wolfe.  He goes on to explain, "Plus, I live in the Atlanta area and now serve as Director of Marketing a global engine manufacturer.  My marketing responsibilities reach across the Americas, so time can sometimes be a bit limited.  However, I'm dedicated in making sure that each story we share is powerful enough to make a difference in the lives of others, so it may be very possible that our first stories are from outside of the Atlanta area.  We'll just roll with what we're given, and see what happens."

"I'm one of the few marketing guys out there who really doesn't enjoy playing golf.  I guess that I could have put some time into a hobby, but I've chosen to put my time into a passion - sharing inspirational stories that might help others to succeed.   Make no mistake though, Project Uncharted has absolutely nothing to do with me and will have everything to do with the people whose stories we will share," says Wolfe.